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Test Your Patients—Not Their Patience

Recently, I tried to reach a doctor who I have great respect and admiration. I had sent him an email previously and 3 weeks later, had not heard back from him. He’s a busy man and I appreciate that fact, but he gave me his card and asked me to call him about working together on a project.

Not knowing if the good doctor had received my email, I just wanted to confirm receipt of the email, so I proceeded to call for confirmation. I was not ready for the frustration to come.

While on the phone with this doctor’s office, I was offered a laundry list of options to pick from. I spoke with a young lady in her 20’s who insisted on getting my name and birthday even after I explained that I just needed to confirm that the doctor received my email and was not a patient. Three times she transferred me to a voicemail box that hadn’t been set up.

My last attempt to make contact, I got lucky and a man answered who did not pass me off to a non-working voicemail and he told me that the doctor I was seeking was out of town. He couldn’t tell me if my email from 3 weeks earlier had made it or not. So, all my time was an act to test my patience, and it did.

I can only hope his patients don’t face the same frustration as I experienced as a non-patient.

Humor is Healthy

A clown is being eaten by sharks and one shark turns to the other and says, “Does he taste funny to you?”

Laughter has been proven to be chemically, physically, mentally, and spiritually healthful to our whole being. Laughter feels wonderful and cleansing.  Whether you have an ailment or not, laugh as much as you can today!

Being Mindful

Keeping focus and staying mindful is a daily challenge for most of us but add chronic illness to the equation and the challenge gets that much harder. With all the emails, voicemails and other electronic messages, signs, advertisements, phone calls, and various shout outs from the world, distraction of thought is so easy.

Finding a peace within ourselves comes much easier when we are able to separate ourselves from the frenzy and din of modern technology.  Taking a few moments a day of quiet time for yourself can ease tension, quiet the mind, and clear your thoughts.  A few minutes of peace is like a reboot for the brain.

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