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April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month

In case you didn’t know, April is Parkinson’s  Disease  Awareness Month.  Just in time, I am excited to tell you that in the next few weeks  an audio book version of my book, A Soft Voice In A Noisy World: A Guide to Dealing and Healing with Parkinson’s Disease will be released for sale on,, and The book is read by Doug Gochman, a very talented voice actor.  Listening to the book provides a whole new perspective and reveals even more from reading it. As the author, I had no idea that hearing the words read back to me could be so powerful.  Watch for the upcoming sample, soon to be released on

Getting the Message

Our daily life is bombarded with loud and subtle advertising that we either shake off or retain for far too long. Jingles, wordplay, alliteration, and catch phrases are part of sales culture that won’t soon be departing.  With the rampant change in technology through phone, email, web, electronic billboard, and ever-present flat screens in every elevator, cab, and cranny, overload arises. We are so inundated with messages of all kinds that staying on our own path and keeping focused on our own task quickly becomes more challenging.

Staying true to purpose and remaining on a targeted goal takes vision, concentration, and commitment to getting the job done.  It is far too easy to be sidetracked from our goals and endeavors from outside and unforeseen forces. While some of those forces may be beyond our control, if we clear our minds of the messages that play no part in getting us to the finish line, the more mindful and rich is the journey.

17 Secrets To A Better Day — And Life

1. Do what you can to stay healthy without overdoing it.

2. Avoid debt as best you can.

3. Know when to walk away –from anything.

4. Timing when to speak and when to just listen is an art.

5. Be helpful to others and patient with yourself.

6. Do as little harm as possible.

7. Spend wisely!

8. Protect children, animals, and the environment.

9. Do something to brighten someone’s day today.

10. Spend at least a little time doing something you are passionate about.

11. Make a difference to the best of your ability.

12. Avoid gossip and pointless conversation.

13. Let the people in your life know how you feel.

14. Try not to have a fixed opinion about anyone or anything.

15. Be appreciative of others!

16. Treasure the small and simple joys of life.

17. Consider being a resource instead of an adviser,  when asked by another.

I can’t say that all of these are easy, but I’m working on it! Feel free to share, if you like the list. Thanks!

Karl Robb

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