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Book Review: A Handbook for Life by Richard London

Rich London

Rich London with A Soft Voice in Bahamas

If you haven’t read my friend, Rich London’s book, A Handbook for Life: A Practical Guide To Success And Happiness, I encourage you to read and share it. The book oozes with inspirational and thought provoking exercises to lead you to an answer and a goal. Part workbook and part manual, London provokes thinking but he also asks us to delve deep down to discover what it is we want to accomplish from our lives. The book encompasses a wide range of life issues both personal and professional.

 Richard London is a survivor and an inspiring person. This being Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, he is someone to know. Faced with prostate cancer, nine surgeries following an automobile accident, and Parkinson’s disease, Richard London shares his shining spirit and a beaming can do attitude. An accomplished business man, a commercial pilot, and a third degree black belt, Richard London has assembled a no-nonsense meaty collection of tools to assist you in setting priorities and putting your life in perspective.

 Check out Rich’s site at

Hear A Soft Voice In A Noisy World Audio Book Promo!

Now on YouTube!  We placed the audio book trailer on YouTube, please feel  free to share with your friends, support groups, and anyone dealing with Parkinson’s!

Until the release of the much anticipated release of the audio book version (within the next 2 weeks) of A Soft Voice In A Noisy World: A Guide to Dealing and Healing with Parkinson’s Disease, here is a link to the upcoming audio read by voice over artist, Doug Gochman. If you like it, please share it with anyone who may think should hear it. Thank You! Click hear to listen .

A Tribute To My Wife and Carepartner for Parkinson’s Awareness Month-April!

She makes me whole. Her passionate optimism, her zest for life, and her ability to take on most any challenge inspires me right to my core. We are best friends, partners in life, soul mates.

The challenge of Parkinson’s disease creates many a roadblock to disrupt the flow of a loving relationship be it husband and wife or any other relationship. As difficult as it may be, the lines of communication must remain open at all times. Sharing our feelings and thoughts with those closest to us are of the utmost importance for those we care about as well as our own sanity. I am thankful, grateful, and so appreciative for the patience and understanding that my loving wife, Angela gives me. To know her is to truly love her. Today, tell those who make your life better just how much you appreciate them and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

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