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Comfort Zone

CIMG6431When one is tested with the disruption of illness or ailment, it sets a new parameter in determining our comfort zone. To be human is to label what we call “good days” and “bad days” and with time, self-care, medical and complementary therapies, nutrition, rest, exercise, and a positive attitude, those good days become better days and the bad days may just transition into good days.

A New Look For A Soft Voice Blog!

We are changing and upgrading the look and feel of the A Soft Voice blog! You will find it easier to navigate and discover material that may have been easily overlooked. With 150 postings on my site, I hope that you uncover something new that interests you. If you like my site, you may want to subscribe to stay up-to-date with the blog and announcements.

I hope you find benefit from the new fresh look!


Library Book Offer For A Soft Voice in A Noisy World

Library Program Offer
I am so thankful to you, my readers that I would like to extend an offer. A year ago, I donated 5 copies of my book to the Fairfax County Public Library. If you would like to make this book available to your local library, please have your library contact me or send me their contact information. This is a wonderful way to share important information!
If you would to like your library to participate, please have them contact me by sending the librarian name, library name, phone number, email, and address of the library. Thank you for your interest!

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