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Health and Healing

It will take change to make a difference in our own care. We can’t rely totally on Western medicine. You only see your neurologist a few times a year.

Health and healing by

A thought on healing!



I Didn’t Volunteer For Parkinson’s

The light squeezes through

The light squeezes through

I don’t remember anyone asking me if I wanted a life with Parkinson’s disease. No one offered me a choice to decline it’s arrival.

Parkinson’s disease has taught me so much about living! It has brought me a perspective, a purpose, and a focus! I met my wife and began more than 2 businesses because of this illness. Parkinson’s isn’t my friend but I won’t call it my enemy. I am truly grateful for what Parkinson’s has brought me and the friendships that I have made because of it!

I don’t tell people that I am fighting this illness , for that is too violent and negative. I prefer to say, “I am working with it and around this illness and am making the necessary adjustments to live with it”.

No, I didn’t invite Parkinson’s into my life, at least knowingly, but I am doing my best to accommodate for it.

Looking At Change

This is a year of changes, and it is only May!



I for one, have never been great with change! The reality of the situation is that change happens whether I want it or not. The energy, time, emotion, and effort, that we spend could be used so much better if we didn’t chase what we know can’t be changed. For example, trying to help another who truly has no desire to change is a painful exercise that usually ends badly.

In just this year, I have seen so much change in such a short span of time–some good, some not so good.

Here are some questions to ponder when trying to decide whether your energy is being directed towards the appropriate target:


–Do I envision problems that are not really problems?

–Am I taking on other people’s issues, on top of my own?

–Can I address each change, here and now, and enjoy the positive and deal with the less positive?

–Do you have a strategy or philosophy for change?

Making A Point!

Getting your point across is what we all strive to do in our daily interactions. Sadly, some of us forget that how we make our point is every bit as important as the point itself. If there is any chance that your message is going  to be misconstrued, keep your point concise and as clear as possible.

Making A Point
Making A Point
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