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Viewing of Capturing Grace in DC!

Beautiful film!

Beautiful film!

Last night, I attended a viewing of Dave Iverson’s touching film Capturing Grace. The documentary chronicles the lives of a group of fellow Parkinsonians (Brooklyn Parkinson Group) and their transition into becoming dancers through the instruction of David Leventhal and the Mark Morris Dance Group. The film captures the indomitable spirit and drive of the group’s members and the rock solid bonds that unite them through the power of dance. The story leads from classes and rehearsals to the moving public performance that the group openly shares what they have learned and accomplished.

I was grateful to actually meet Mark Morris and David Leventhal and thank them for their contribution to the Parkinson’s world.

If you haven’t seen Capturing Grace or you want more information on dance and Parkinson’s, the Dance for PD model is one to strongly consider!

By the way, for you film directors and Hollywood hopefuls, don’t forget about the World Parkinson Congress’ video competition, now open for entry!

If you are an author with a book consider sharing it at the Book Nook event at the World Parkinson Congress in Portland! For more information on both of these exciting mediums, click here for more information about the 4th World Parkinson Congress.

Approaching 50!

Old technology!

Old technology!

Just as the Super Bowl turns 50 this year, so will I. I remember eight track tapes, Betamax versus VHS, Bobby Riggs, and Bozo the Clown. I grew up with Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans, The Electric Company, Schoolhouse Rock, and After School Specials.

Video games were bouncing pixels also called Pong and then Space Invaders. Adventure and other word based role player games lacked graphics but were abundant in imagination. My first computer was an Atari 800. Floppy disks amazed me when I no longer had to search for my data on inefficient cassettes I remember when water and air were both cleaner and free. Times really do change.

I never thought 50 to be “old”, and still don’t.

Keeping Our Emotions In Check.

A pretty spot!

A pretty spot!

If you are dealing with Parkinson’s disease, then I suggest to cast away as much bitterness, anger, rage, denial, or torment that you might have towards it. Those emotions only point your energy in the wrong direction and conflict with your ability to focus on finding a solution to improving your condition.


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