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Photos of the Day

I wanted to share some photos, today. It is hard to follow my last post.

Dramatic Views

Dramatic Views

Northern Va Beauty


A Day of Respite and Amazement



It happened on April 12, 2016, a most unbelievable day in about 30 years! I can’t explain it and neither could my very qualified neurologist. I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not experienced it.

I had a day of nearly 24 hours with NO symptoms of Parkinson’s disease! Of all days, that afternoon, I had a scheduled appointment with my neurologist who was just as dumbfounded as my wife and I were. If this isn’t a sign that staying and being open to new complementary therapies may be of value, well it sure looks positive.

I can’t say that I’ve recreated that day since, but I am hopeful and I will continue to re-construct just what I did to make Parkinson’s vacate my system for a day. Very strange-Very Wonderful–Very Real!


Sensory Reliance

If you know me, you know that I love to  travel. I enjoy uncovering new and interesting pockets of cities that I haven’t explored. Discovering shops, restaurants, galleries, and museums that I haven’t experienced can

Crowds and the energy of others can deplete us if we aren't careful.

Crowds and the energy of others can deplete us if we aren’t careful.

be very exciting. I am fresh back from 3 continuous weekends of crossing the country and I cannot and will not deny that the stress, long lines and waiting, hustle and bustle, and constant crowds and noise, were all huge contributors to sucking my energy and overall life-force. I am fine, but I am tired. Planes, trains, buses, and  5 hour drives can take their toll. A little more sleep, eating a little better than I did on the rapid pace of the road, and a return to schedule will revive me back to where I need to be.

Depleting ourselves is so easy to do, yet so unnecessary. When we give too much of ourselves, place ourselves outside of our common routine, and are put in a din-filled room, a sensitive being is going to be altered in some capacity. There is going to be some sort of energy loss when you are exposed to the frenzy of any crowd activity. Beyond the excitement and drama that comes with a crowd is the flood of emotion and exchanges that can be both positive and not-so-positive.

Call it what you will, but we are basically all batteries that get depleted day in and day out, that need constant recharges. Stress, daily changes, diet, and just life in general play a key role in how our bodies are able to process and work through the hits to our system. Whether the hit is a heavy blow or a light shock to our mind, body, or spirit, it can take time and focus on  the right spot to make the comeback.

Setting Aside Fear and Anxiety

One of the most common questions that I am asked when I address a crowd is what can I do to improve my condition with Parkinson’s disease (PD)?

A Window  view

A Window view

My short answer to this question is usually a lengthy list of complementary therapies to try and taking the time to experiment in finding what it is that your body, mind, and spirit are drawn to and react to. In this posting, I am focusing just on two components that make up PD, but I believe that these are probably the two key components to keeping PD in check and improving your overall quality of life.

Fear and anxiety feed one another and only exacerbate the symptoms of PD. When these instigators are controlled through breathing, relaxation techniques, and other mind/body exercises, something very positive can happen. A calmness and a sense that your body is prepared for anything lowers the stress that comes with fear and anxiety. Fear, anxiety, and stress, when dissected, are really self-generated weights that we unknowingly put upon ourselves.

Setting arbitrary deadlines for ourselves that are unrealistic or just unnecessary only adds to the pressure that we ought to be alleviating. Focusing on the stressors that trigger our symptoms are key in improving our quality of life.

May 14, 2016 is the 19th anniversary of Harry Blackstone, Jr’s Death

If you appreciate showmanship, wit, ingenuity, and smooth patter and presence, Harry Blackstone, Jr. encompassed all that and so much more. He was one of the United States’ finest magicians of our time. I am fortunate to have seen him live on stage, when I was in my teens. He held the stage with his deep deep voice.

Remembering a showman!

Remembering a showman!

He left a lasting impression, and for this, I remember him today, on this, the 19th Anniversary of his death.

Hear my interview today, with DJ Andy at 1PM EDT May 11, 2016

Interview w/ DJ Andy

Interview w/ DJ Andy

I had the privilege to speak with Andy Butler AKA, DJ  Andy, about Parkinson’s disease. Listen in on our conversation and hear my eclectic selection of music–possibly a song or two you’ve never heard. Andy was very kind to allow me to program the music for our discussion. I hope that you enjoy it. Here is the link:

My thanks to the Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society (DAPS)

Spoke in Dallas!

Spoke in Dallas!

My gratitude goes out to my friends at DAPS in Dallas who came out to hear me speak! Thank you for your warm hospitality and reception. It was such an enjoyable experience to speak to your group and to have the time to meet with many of you individually. Thank you for your comments after my address. I hope our paths may cross again soon.


Making A History

The Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial 

I believe that our history is but a stepping stone. It is what we do with it that propels us forward.

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