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Uncovering Messages From Two Tough Guys

The great philosopher, Popeye, said “I am what I am and that’s all that I am.” At first glance, maybe that statement doesn’t appear to be all that deep, but if you look a little deeper, it means so much more.

We have our limitations, some we never explore and some may test us constantly. Our identity fluctuates with the role and position for the tasks needed to be fulfilled at the time. Trying to be all things to all people isn’t practical, easy, or healthy. Popeye knew his place in the world, in the end, he always fought the bully and won, got the girl, and took back his self-respect. In nearly every episode this average iron deficient occasional spinach-eater ended as hero.

Dirty Harry said “a man has got to know his limitations”. Between Harry and Popeye is the lesson of finding our balance. Icons, heroes, pop culture, and advertising bombards us with expectations and limitations that they alone try to put on us. As if daily living isn’t stressful enough, living by anyone else’s idea of how to live seems like an added pressure, that I don’t need.

Finding your target and keeping yourself challenged but not over-tasked, just might be the right balance. Each of has our own unique skills and abilities that distinguish us. Comparison isn’t fair or necessary when setting our personal goals. To each his or her own. Targets are made to be raised or lowered after several attempts of successes and near misses.

Keep aiming high! Passion and persistence can prevail!

Trust in your path!

Stay on course and don't stop seeking answers!

Stay on course and don’t stop seeking answers!

Keeping Positive!

Keep Positive!

Keep Positive!

Pillbox option with a tech connection!

Pillbox creators are getting more adventurous and creative. With a large aging population and more of us on medication, it only makes sense that in our tech-filled lives, our medications could piggyback with the technology.

It’s creative and unique–but that doesn’t mean I’m going to use it. It may be an option for you if your phone never leaves your sight and you only need to carry a few pills with you.

attaches to your phone!

attaches to your phone!

There are some very cool pillboxes out there!

Three Photos!

Squirrel at the beach!

Squirrel at the beach!

Carnival at sunset!

Mountain beauty!

World Parkinson Congress’s Video Is Ending Soon–So vote this week!

Pick your favorite video!

Pick your favorite video!

The top 12 videos have been selected, now it is the people’s choice to decide who will be crowned this years winner!

Be sure to see the videos and cast your vote by clicking  here:

The Cost of Falling!

Falling prevention can save lives and costs.

When I was younger, I appreciated comics like Chaplin, Lloyd, the Three Stooges, and Chevy Chase for their ability to pratfall on command and not get injured. As I age and learn more about the dangers of falling, it isn’t quite as humorous, anymore.

Falling down can lead to numerous devastating repercussions, such as severe bruises, bumps, and breaks that may require surgery and/or rehab.

The following information is data that I found from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention:

Treating fall injuries is very costly. In 2013, direct medical costs for falls—what patients and insurance companies pay—totaled $34 billion. Because the U.S. population is aging, both the number of falls and the costs to treat fall injuries are likely to rise.

Each year, millions of people 65 and older are treated in emergency departments because of falls.
Over 700,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of a fall injury, most often because of a broken hip or head injury.
Fall injuries are among the 20 most expensive medical conditions.
The average hospital cost for a fall injury is $35,000.
The costs of treating fall injuries goes up with age.
Medicare pays for about 78% of the costs of falls.

Think of the lives that could be improved, the money that we could save, and the reduction in costs to the medical and insurance industries if patients could learn better balance control, increase strength and flexibility exercises, learn how to fall correctly, and create a more a cushioned environment within their living space.

Here are three resources/exercise programs you may want to consider:

Parkinson’s Disease and the Art of Moving:
Functional Fitness for everyone living with Parkinson’s/Delay the Disease:
PWR!Moves Make FUNction Exercise!:

Prevention and awareness can lead to avoiding falls. Just something to consider and ponder.

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