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Opportunity To Inform

Last week, I went to one of my favorite local hangouts for a bite to eat. I had been great the whole day but my meds decided to try to get me dyskinetic. The meds won out for a brief time and although I didn’t notice if anyone else saw my twitching and shaking, it had to happen at the most inconvenient of times. It rose it’s ugly head at dinner, but why not?

While waiting for my order, a gentleman I never met came over to ask me a question. Before he could even get the question out, I explained to  him that I have and had Parkinson’s disease for over 20 years and what he witnessed was a brief episode caused by a medication side effect and not the disease itself.

This very friendly man told my wife and I that he was curious because he was back in school in his mid-forties to medical training as a physician’s aide. I loved his curiosity about the Disease and the meds. This was a real opportunity to educate and inform someone in the medical community about what PD is and isn’t. When these opportunities arise, I strongly urge you to take full advantage to teach those who understand PD. You can leave a lasting impression and make a powerful impact.

Join us online December 9, 2012 to discuss Parkinson’s Disease!

Join me, Karl Robb and my guest host, Angela Robb, as we answer questions and discuss issues impacting Parkinson’s disease(PD) patients, caregivers/care-partners, and those who want more information about living well with PD. Thanks to Robert Rodgers ( for the chance to guest host. Feel free to submit a question before the web show by logging into the web link and password below or phone your questions in live with the provided information and code below, on the day of the show (Sunday, December 9, 2012 at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard or 2:00 PM Pacific)

See the online and phone information below for show details:

Online Event password: karl2012

Primary dial in number: (206) 402-0100

Secondary dial in number: (323) 476-3672

Dial in password: 200414#

Where Have I Been?

If you are a loyal reader of this blog, I apologize. Updates to A Soft Voice have halted briefly while I prepare to launch my first book. The book, A Soft Voice In A Noisy World: A Guide To Dealing and Healing with Parkinson’s Disease is almost here. I am so excited about the finished product. I wanted to share the first two chapters with you. My book contains over 20 years of lessons, tips, and stories about improving my life with Parkinson’s disease. To read some of the book, click here.

It has been a long and winding road to get this project done. Watch this site to keep informed on the release date and how to get your copy of the paperback or  ebook. Thank you for your support!

Organic Matters

I tweeted a story this morning that claimed studies prove that organic foods only real benefit is that they are lower in pesticides. As someone with young-onset Parkinson’s disease (PD) and knowing that studies show that PD results from exposure  to pesticides, I would think the article would be far more pro-organic than it appears.

If you can reduce your exposure to any toxin, do it! Do you think organic prices are worth reduced pesticide exposure ?

I’d like to know what you think. Please read the article above and share your thoughts on organic versus conventional farming.

My book is almost done!

If you follow my blog, I thank you for all your support and I apologize for not posting more often. I am excited to announce that my book is near completion and will be released within the next month. More coming soon!


Getting Away

What a beautiful day!

I am back after a brief respite. I had forgotten how important vacations can be and just what they can do to recharge your energy. I took almost 5000 pictures on my trip out West. I thought I’d share this one. Enjoy!

Test Your Patients—Not Their Patience

Recently, I tried to reach a doctor who I have great respect and admiration. I had sent him an email previously and 3 weeks later, had not heard back from him. He’s a busy man and I appreciate that fact, but he gave me his card and asked me to call him about working together on a project.

Not knowing if the good doctor had received my email, I just wanted to confirm receipt of the email, so I proceeded to call for confirmation. I was not ready for the frustration to come.

While on the phone with this doctor’s office, I was offered a laundry list of options to pick from. I spoke with a young lady in her 20’s who insisted on getting my name and birthday even after I explained that I just needed to confirm that the doctor received my email and was not a patient. Three times she transferred me to a voicemail box that hadn’t been set up.

My last attempt to make contact, I got lucky and a man answered who did not pass me off to a non-working voicemail and he told me that the doctor I was seeking was out of town. He couldn’t tell me if my email from 3 weeks earlier had made it or not. So, all my time was an act to test my patience, and it did.

I can only hope his patients don’t face the same frustration as I experienced as a non-patient.

Humor is Healthy

A clown is being eaten by sharks and one shark turns to the other and says, “Does he taste funny to you?”

Laughter has been proven to be chemically, physically, mentally, and spiritually healthful to our whole being. Laughter feels wonderful and cleansing.  Whether you have an ailment or not, laugh as much as you can today!

Being Mindful

Keeping focus and staying mindful is a daily challenge for most of us but add chronic illness to the equation and the challenge gets that much harder. With all the emails, voicemails and other electronic messages, signs, advertisements, phone calls, and various shout outs from the world, distraction of thought is so easy.

Finding a peace within ourselves comes much easier when we are able to separate ourselves from the frenzy and din of modern technology.  Taking a few moments a day of quiet time for yourself can ease tension, quiet the mind, and clear your thoughts.  A few minutes of peace is like a reboot for the brain.

Summer Color

Summer color and flavor

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