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Photo Creation — Orb 3D

I was experimenting with my phone camera and created this–I hope that you enjoy it! I call it Orb 3D.

If you think it’s cool, please share it. I am trying to keep active and creative and believe it is vital to staying well. Explore your creativity!

Taken by Karl Robb

Taken by Karl Robb

The Photo Bug

It’s official–I have a confession! Maybe, it is an obsession, a compulsion, or just a passion!

I love to take photographs! Whether I am photographing my food or a sunset, I truly find pleasure and a sense of joy in it!

Ever since I had my first snap camera, I have loved photography. Now, after a vacation or weekend jaunt, I can come away with hundreds to thousands of shots. Thanks to digital photography, I save on film processing but now am overwhelmed with shots. There are trade-offs.

Enjoy some of my shots:

I love taking pictures!

I love taking pictures!

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Picture Of The Week-Perspective

Tone and Texture

There is a distinct and simple beauty that surrounds us all. Even in the largest of urban jungles contain pockets to appreciate and behold. Don’t lose sight of the world around you. Keep your eyes open for subtle beauty as well as the obvious.

For me, as I capture more of the wonders Nature and the world around me, I find a greater calm and peace as well as an incredible love for the wonders of Earth!

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