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Preserving the Smile

Parkinson’s Disease can take away the very basic but vital skills that we treasure and sometimes take for granted. Facial masking, or loss of obvious facial emotion can make identifying a Parkinson’s patient’s state of emotion very hard to read, by observation. Due to muscle tightness and rigidity in the jaw and facial muscles, some patients find it difficult to smile.

Just taking the time on a daily basis and scrunching your face in the mirror, wiggling your tongue back and forth, and squinting your eyes and face can be a great way to keep the face a little more limber. That’s what I do!

A smile is not to be wasted nor forgotten. Use your smile and share it with the world. Sometimes we forget to smile and the power that comes with it. If those facial muscles are a challenge for your smile, do what you can to work to keep those facial muscles as limber as you can and keep that bright smile. A smile is a viral gift that often comes back, when shared with others.

We shouldn’t have to, but Parkinson’s disease may make us have to practice smiling, instead of just doing it naturally.

5 Reasons Why My Cat and Dog Must Be Alien Life Forms!

 Here’s a little piece I wrote that I hope will make you smile,  giggle:, or brighten your day:

1. Cutting Contact from the Outside World–They hoard my attention and refuse to allow me to contact or interact with other humans!

2. Populating My House and Space- Both life forms are molting a coat for what I think will soon be a duplicate or multiple of the original form–it must be replicating! I keep finding hair everywhere!

3. World Domination- Slowly, they are intentionally draining my resources (and nerves) in hopes that I will run out of patience and  money!

4. Mind Control- They constantly remind me of the same thing over and over: they remind me to feed them, they remind me to pay attention to them, they remind me to brush them, they remind me to  let them out–help!

5. Defiance-They live in my house and I am just lucky that they don’t throw me out–because they don’t hear a thing I say or do a thing I ask!

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